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Natural Loofah Luffa acutangula
  • Name: New Natural Loofah Luffa Sponge  Exfoliator Scrubber Luffa acutangula for Home and Hotel
  • Sku No.: TB310
  • Material: Natural Loofah
  • MOQ: 5,000 Piece

  • Size: 4" Loofah, 6" Loofah, 12" Loofah, 14" Loofah, 18" Loofah

  • Carton Size: 60*40*40(cm)
  • Features:
    Natural Loofahs in their raw form choose from 4" - 18" in lengths. Cut the large sizes to use the small end for handmade soaps, the middle for bathing. These loofahs are not flattened.
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