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Christmas Loofah Bath Sponge

        Loofah Bath Shower Sponge Pouf Mesh Ball Exfoliating

  • Material: The shower sponge mesh is made of recycled and eco-friendly nylon material, high quality, durable will not fall apart.
  • Weight: 20g/25g/30g/35g/40g/45g/50g/55g and so on ,OEM, a perfect size fits your hands.
  • Long hanging string design: The shower sponge produced with long hanging string, easy to use and hang with the string to keep clean.
  • Color: yellow, green, blue, gray ,OEM color
  • Luxury lather: Shower loofah mesh sponge pouf work up a great lather with any shower gel or soap to help you gently exfoliates skin and cleanses skin poreswith gentle body exfoliating and scrubbing power, useful for both men and women.
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